Under Atlantis Management since July 2010

Property Type: 80 Residential Freehold Houses

BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) is the lead funding agency for academic research and training in the biosciences at universities and institutes throughout the UK. BBSRC owns 80 residential properties spread across three different sites – Pirbright, Compton and Guildford, and Atlantis have been managing all of these properties on their behalf for the past six years. Over time we have developed a very positive relationship with BBSRC and indeed the tenants that reside there, be it students, key workers or private tenants, and we hope to continue this relationship over the coming years.

Having to maintain such a large number of houses in three locations spread across Berkshire and Bedfordshire is obviously a large undertaking and doesn’t come without its challenges, so we have developed some approaches to ensure that management is always kept to a high standard. For example, all houses are visited every quarter for inspection to identify any areas of imperfection that might need addressing, and we maintain regular contact with the tenants – liaising with them if necessary – to discuss any maintenance issues or general queries that they might have.