When it comes to commercial estate management, Atlantis Estates has all the experience necessary to provide you with a tailor-made solution that will exceed your expectations. With teams of property experts who will get to know you well and your property asset thoroughly, you can be certain of a close working relationship totally committed to providing you with management excellence and the maximum return on your investment.

True management of your investment includes much more than just collecting the service charges and rent. We will also work on your behalf to identify opportunities to improve your property asset and gain the best out of the space available. On many occasions we have been able to identify unique and unusual additional revenue streams for our clients from creating new units within shopping centres to identifying cost saving measures for vacant buildings.

Industry codes

We strictly comply with the RICS Commercial Service Charge Code and with our membership of Ombudsman Services: Property and our comprehensive internal procedures you can be assured of a professional service for you and your Tenants at all times.

Did you know? Our CEO, Andrew Strong has spoken at a number of RICS training events

Our estate management team

Atlantis believes that each development should have its own individual manager who will know the site intimately.

We are experienced in the employment and management of on-site personnel such as caretakers, concierge staff and security personnel. Our unique bonus scheme for staff ensures they remain committed to the task at hand, and provide the very best for your development.

We are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All clients have direct contact with a Company Director who is always on hand to advise on legal, management and financial matters.

Repairs & planning maintenance

The estate manager will carry out regular site visits and will produce a site inspection report customised to each development. These checks are thorough and cover all aspects of the development, from checking Health and Safety reports, the quality of the essential services and reviewing any improvements or changes which need to be made to improve the asset.

We will arrange and manage all contracts for the development, negotiating competitive rates whilst ensuring the best service is provided. In the event that you have preferred contractors we will of course continue to use their services as instructed. We believe that preventative maintenance is always the answer both economically and practically and will provide the necessary advice to our clients to ensure that this is always the first option.

To find out more about our commercial property management services, call 0800 612 1515 or contact us.


Careful financial management of your asset is crucial to ensure that all repairs, insurances, planned improvements and major works can be funded and carried out. Our trained accounts team work tirelessly to ensure that both the estate manager and the client have access to such information which will be accurate and clear. We will supply financial reports on a regular basis which will enable you to monitor the financial performance of your asset.

In addition the accounts team will ensure that service charge, rent and insurance demands are sent promptly to all leaseholders and ensure that proactive credit control procedures are in place to avoid any cash flow problems throughout the year. We have excellent contacts with accountants, surveyors and solicitors, all of whom have experience in dealing with property management and offering the best advice at competitive rates.


We have a wide and varied range of insurance providers at our service. Competitive rates are sought on renewal and we have been able to save thousands of pounds by shopping around for the most applicable and best value cover.

As well as buildings and estate insurance Atlantis are able to advise and arrange on both management liability insurance and engineering policies which will help to protect your asset against unplanned expenditure.

We will advise and ensure that your development or estate is compliant with the latest regulatory health, safety and fire legislation.


Every property asset is so very different. As such, we prefer to meet to discuss the unique requirements of each client. We offer a bespoke service at a competitive rate with as much or as little day-to-day management control as decided by you. Above all, we offer an extremely flexible approach to commercial property management, from merely collecting rents through to a full management package.

To find out more about our commercial estate management services, call 0800 612 1515 or contact us.